Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last week in the CCM!

Dear people,

Today marks the last week mark of the CCM. Where has the time gone? I will be very discontent if my mission goes by this fast. :) I love you all, your love and support has been overwhelmingly awesome!! 

Being the big cheese around here has some perks, like all I have to do is ask Louis, the head chef and I get a little extra on my plate. Who knew that all you had to do was ask in Spanish? I eat very well and I´ll admit I'm not the first one to take their tray to the dish area thing (surprised?) I feel as though I´ve lived here my whole life, almost as if you guys gave me up at birth to be a monk. Can you see me with the robes and all? Maybe more of a Nacho Libro approach though with the little moustache. I mean my life is good, rrreeaall goood! I get to wake up at 6:30 take a cold shower, is the best! I get three square meals that makes me sick though it tastes wonderful, Fantastic!! Haha I do love it here and I wish I got to spend another month just walking the streets and contacting people. When we went to the temple we saw some missionaries jay walking and I longed to be where they were. Not about to get hit by 5 mini coopers and 2 motorcycles in the three lanes across, but working with investigators in Mexico. I really hope I get to use Spanish my whole stay in Phoenix. I just want to get the language down and keep it forever. 

My favorite part about the CCM....hmm thats a tough one. I think of two things, the first is how close I've become with people here. I do have a rep here as being clever and full of impressions. Shout out to Dan Harvey for helping with that. I hope you see this too. The second thing is how much the culture is alive. I don´t even mind the bajillion firework/cannon blasts every few hours for a saint day and I wish we had American flags hanging everywhere like they do here. I look forward to chatting with latinos who are here for two weeks. I learn a ton from them.

As much as I love my comp. he´s been getting on my nerves. He´s not an only child but he could fool you. This whole time here he will walk off and I´ll spend maybe ten minutes trying to find him. This week though it was consistently bad. For some reason he has been more chatty then usual and cut me off in couple of our lessons. We had a talk and I did some things that bugged him too. It felt good to have our comp. inventory(I know thats not how you spell it) this week and after we have been on the same page a lot more. I know that this is just a taste of what is to come. The Lord knows I have a hard time being patient and not so stubborn. I´m grateful for this opportunity to change that. Todd Houghton was always great at those things and I admire him. 

I treasure the few minutes of the day that I get for myself. I sneak a minute in every night before I turn out the light to read Jesus the Christ. Even if you don´t believe in Him or that He exists, He is THE most influental person to ever be. How many people don´t use our calendar system or celebrate Christmas or even use His name in a crude fashion. I understand more about the work that will forever continue until He comes again. I feel closer to God and I absolutely love it. Enjoy General Conference with me. If you aren´t LDS and you read this before this Saturday, I ask that you watch at least one talk. Make it the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I can promise that you will feel the truth of his words and it will bless your life to follow his advise. 

I get to write possibly this Saturday before I leave. I believe my flight is at 7:15 on Tuesday morning which means I have to leave here around 2. I am going to miss these Elders and HermaƱas I call friends now. My spanish is broken but with the Lords help, I´ll be a fluent taquito in no time! I love you guys. 

yours truly,
Elder Bryan


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