Tuesday, July 5, 2016

6 more weeks and a transfer!

 1. Mexican Hilado
3.hmo Soto in his American pride

4. The Grady's!
Well, got the news today. I'll be going to Peoria for my last six
weeks to be in the Agua Fria ward with a missionary I've heard some
stories about. I'm kinda bummed to leave the YSA and La Joya but I
know this will be a great experience. Or, I'm going to make this be a
great experience!!

4th of July
A little confused about why everyone one was celebrating the 4th on
the 3rd. But extra fireworks wasn't anything to complain about. We
played basketball and soccer with the ward in the morning. That was
soo fun. Our stake president really wanted us to play because like I
mentioned a few weeks ago, he invites dozens of non members to 'ball
it up'. Picture this in your mind: first game, me and four high school
age black guys who were pretty good versus what was the college
equivalent of my teammates. I personally got destroyed. But it was
good to get the foot in the door, several of them opened up and
expressed interest in having missionaries pass by. I hate that I won't
be able to find out how much I've done on my mission until I pass on
to the other side but man, I hope I make a difference in some people's
That night we went to the Sotos, crazy cool family to watch the
fireworks. Pretty chill time, hermano Soto has the funniest Spanglish
I know. They're also the same family who took us to the temple the
other day.

I hope I can make it back for the baptism of Oscar and others we've
made dates with. They're not all solid but I have confidence they'll

Peoria here I come!

Elder Bryan