Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Tomorrow is transfers and we got the news that Elder Nistler will be
leaving. It's fitting that this last week we had together was a rocking

Elder Bryan has a new companion , Elder Smith from Ogden 

We were able to have Kadin, a spiritual giant who's preparing to go on
a mission, come with us to a lesson with the Densford family who had a
wonderful relationship with missionaries 15 years ago in Alaska. They
respect and defend the church which is really cool to see from someone
not of our faith. I hope I would do the same for others and their
beliefs. It's also interesting that 15 years ago the missionaries
couldn't have known what they were impacting for so much later.
At our lesson Kadin offered to take Caleb and Emma, the two kids, to church and the to the fireside that night. It's awesome to have members who take the initiative and friendship investigators outside
of the lesson.

With the baptismal date set for the 30th for the three boys and brother Swann planning on baptizing them it's fun to have lessons because their all on board and so involved, asking questions andsoaking it all in. One of my favorite families I've met here so far,
brother Swann has the driest humor around, probably due to the landscape we have here, and every time when we're both over at the
Randalls, everyone ends up busting up.

Social Media Fireside 
After all the planning, the fireside happened! President Juchau of the mission presidency spent the whole day with us, all of the teachers of the breakout sessions were ready, and the refreshments were laid out all delicately-very important.

To challenge ourselves a little, we found out right before we started, that one of the presenters decided to use an old defective MacBook instead of their iPad. We scrambled the three projector rooms to make it work. It made me appreciative of the planning we had put into it instead of just winging it. Also was nice was having brother Randall say a break the ice comment as I fumbled alone in front of everyone as the video wouldn't play. Everyone needs a wing man and companions.

Happy cinco de mayo!! And Feliz CumpleaƱos Mama!!
Elder Bryan