Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Possible last transfer!!!

Bad news
Unfortunately Maria Rosales wasn't baptized this weekend. We learned
of some catholic beliefs that she's not convinced she needs to change
yet. Kind of an interesting situation when you believe this is Gods
only church on the earth but you don't want to give up old ways. I
guess we're all like that some times- know what we know, but just so
hard to change the things we like. Thankfully she put herself on date
for the 16th and we'll see how that goes.

Stake conference
Elder Dan Johnson of the 70 came for our stake conference and gave
wonderful council to us all. The crazy thing was for the adult session
the translator never showed up so I got to relive Wickenburg and
spontaneously translate for the Spanish people who came. It was great,
only that the hardest words I've ever heard were given. Try
translating for an accountant/70, pretty nerve racking. It gave me a
good glimpse at where I need to go to better myself and a boost of

Lame duck
For most of the week I've been under the weather but thankfully good
enough to still work. It's been great to take the backseat (literally)
and watch elder Benolerao and Plourde get things done. This was a
little blessing because I got news today that I'll be transferred.
Easy transition now, because sometimes you can take your knowledge of
an area with you and for a little while the other elders struggle to
find where everything is and all that. Not going to be a problem here
and nothing will slow down.

Looking back to the past five months, they've been super sweet.
Marcelinas baptism, cleaning up the area, bettering relations with
ward leaders, and serving other elders. No regrets. I'm looking
forward to my new companion as well as what will be probably my last
area. Super stoked to work my tail off and get to meet new people.

Elder Bryan


President just called me, I'm going to west Maricopa, la Joya ward
with my MTC comp! Elder Sperry!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

conference week

Elder Conover and I

 Zone movie (Freetown) with President Griffin

 I got some palm leaves from a contact
What a wonderful weekend of General Conference. Of the four I've had
in the mission field, this one was the best. Maybe it has to do with
being prepared to learn, who knows :)

Elders Plourde, Benolerao, and I have gotten a good hang of switching
off during lessons, having open communication, and keeping each other
up to speed on what we did on splits with members. It's been very
relaxing to say the least.

A problem this week was trying to have baptismal interviews, schedule
the only building we have available, and keep member help high as a
zone we have 7+ baptisms the 9th. My kind of problems right there.
It's been a moral booster to have every companionship with scheduled
baptisms for the next few weeks. I think the Lord is really trusting
us with His children here in the Glendale stake. Now if only our
people could come back from Mexico, or at least send a letter saying
they found missionaries there. I can't complain though, we're finding
people very regularly now. Elder Arnold actually responded to a
similar question when he was here. The missionary asked what do we do
when our investigators flake out. He replied, "Well you go out and
find three more people to teach and baptize. There will be someone
ready to hear you if you get out on the street"

With Maria's baptismal date for the 9th, we've been preparing her. I
think because of the faith we're exercising now more than ever, she's
been able to overcome bumps that have sprung up almost immediately
after we set the date. It's just too good to be normal coincidence.

Elder Arnold asked every area to bring several lists of members when
he came. One thing we have realized as we continue to dig is that the
last ward clerk didn't do anything for the past four years besides
record convert baptisms. Like, nothing else. We were all shocked when
18 or so active children came up as unbaptized, including the bishops
son, Brian (good name btw). The big deal now is all of the families
have to look back to find the date or we'll have to rebaptize them.
Not too big of a deal but could have been avoided. Well...we hope it
won't be a big deal, we haven't told anyone besides the bishop so
we'll see how that goes. Also, if you know any of the rumors about
paper trails and Hispanics, know they're all true. My advice is this:
keep a journal, document important papers, and do your family history
before some Juan has to guesstimate which Juan you are. :)

Besides all of this, we're still working with Hermano Raygoza, half of
Oasis West Apartments, and some part member families-the which have
difficulty keeping appointments.

Life is good, Conference was Grrrrreat! And I'm having the best time
of my life out here.

Elder Bryan