Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Possible last transfer!!!

Bad news
Unfortunately Maria Rosales wasn't baptized this weekend. We learned
of some catholic beliefs that she's not convinced she needs to change
yet. Kind of an interesting situation when you believe this is Gods
only church on the earth but you don't want to give up old ways. I
guess we're all like that some times- know what we know, but just so
hard to change the things we like. Thankfully she put herself on date
for the 16th and we'll see how that goes.

Stake conference
Elder Dan Johnson of the 70 came for our stake conference and gave
wonderful council to us all. The crazy thing was for the adult session
the translator never showed up so I got to relive Wickenburg and
spontaneously translate for the Spanish people who came. It was great,
only that the hardest words I've ever heard were given. Try
translating for an accountant/70, pretty nerve racking. It gave me a
good glimpse at where I need to go to better myself and a boost of

Lame duck
For most of the week I've been under the weather but thankfully good
enough to still work. It's been great to take the backseat (literally)
and watch elder Benolerao and Plourde get things done. This was a
little blessing because I got news today that I'll be transferred.
Easy transition now, because sometimes you can take your knowledge of
an area with you and for a little while the other elders struggle to
find where everything is and all that. Not going to be a problem here
and nothing will slow down.

Looking back to the past five months, they've been super sweet.
Marcelinas baptism, cleaning up the area, bettering relations with
ward leaders, and serving other elders. No regrets. I'm looking
forward to my new companion as well as what will be probably my last
area. Super stoked to work my tail off and get to meet new people.

Elder Bryan


President just called me, I'm going to west Maricopa, la Joya ward
with my MTC comp! Elder Sperry!!

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