Friday, May 27, 2016

After the storm comes the sunshine

First pic- L->R elders Young, 'Osai, Sperry, Me

Hello All!
We cranked out nine member present lessons even with a million
cancels. We had some setbacks in the fact that no one accepted
baptismal invitations. We did have a cool church tour with Krishna and
during it, Krishna kept looking away from us and it was a little
awkward. Afterward she texted us and told us she felt the spirit
really strong and felt a little guilty that she was enjoying the
Mormon church. However that didn't stop her from coming to church for
the first time. Success!

Jimmy Alvarez
Last year we were teaching Jimmy who was progressing super well. And
then we had a straight talk about getting married which wasn't a part
of the plans with his fiancé. He walked out of the church and we
thought we lost him forever. Fast forward to a month ago when Landon,
comp from then emailed me and said that Jimmy was working out in
Abudabi(?) but would skype lessons with the sisters in Verrado. Super
cool, Thursday Dionne and Jimmy got married and Friday, RM Nistler
took me to the baptism. Really really cool experience. One of my
favorite memories of this mission.

2. Nistler, Dionne, Jimmy, me

Today we found out that not only Elder Sperry and I are staying for
another round but we'll also be covering all of the ward as well as
the YSA. First time covering a YSA but I'm pretty excited for the new
challenge. Our hope is that Elder Sperry and I stay here till we go
home and next transfer potentially pick up a third companion who can
take over when we leave. We're hopeful for this because Elder Anderson
my trainer did the same thing last year. Who knows but I absolutely
love this ward.

May 16, 2016

This week was cool

Monday night I went to bed early not feeling up to snuff and woke up
worse. The first day in a while where I had to stay in all day. I
thought I was going to get away with not getting sick this year. Elder
Sperry took one of the other elders and got everything done and at
dinner they dropped me off at a members so the English elders could
get back to their area while elder Sperry went on exchange with a
member. Really strange to wear pday clothes all day. The member is
notorious for trying to stuff just me with food and true to form, the
first thing he asked was if I wanted to eat. His son helped me escape
the soccer game that he was trying to get me to watch by inviting me
to crash on his bed. Tuesday will not be repeated as long as I'm a
missionary. Sooo long and all I want to do is teach.

On exchanges with the assistants we set a goal to find a new
investigator and the whole day it was trash as four lessons canceled
on us. The last lesson in the day the grandma who moved up from Mexico
came and decided to sit in our lesson. that was a really cool miracle
to see.

After Thursday we started to see progress. Krishna texted us that she
feels like the Book of Mormon is helping improve her life and she
wants to come to church next week. A member referred us to her
inactive sister who has three sons who all want to be baptized. It's
cool to see things happening after we got door after door of nothing

Sunday was a little interesting. A stake presidency counselor who used
to be the La Joya bishop many years ago came and gave a talk where he
declared repentance hardcore. It was really good because everyone
loves him and he did it in a very loving way.

Love y'all!

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