Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week Three, Happy Independence day!

Week three is over! (not in a bad way but a, "wahoo! Im still rockin it" way, you know)

New illness? not really but we all have had some stuffy noses, it feels like Im back in school. We are too far inland to get any huge storm from the hurricane but even so it rains like a Missouri rain, sudden and heavy. The raincoat I have is perfect, I love it and keep it with me always. Mainly because I was caught out when it started pouring and got soaked to the bone running for shelter. 

The language is coming. I feel very strongly about the power of the gift of tongues, never have I grasped a concept so fast as Spanish. I'm now in that awkward place where I can´t think or speak in either language. My journal looked pretty rough last night because of it. Like why do we have so many weird things in English? 

This week was a frustrating one, but a productive one. We, as a companionship, went from a train wreck where Sperry spoke the entire twenty minutes about the commandments and the law of Chasity for a first lesson, to us having a very strong discussion with "Alberto", a man who is out of work and knows nothing about God. It feels really good to have an investigator, no matter how fake, feel the spirit and understand that Heavenly Father loves him and that he can pray to him. Teaching someone to pray is my favorite activity. Most if not all of my prayers are in Spanish and I'm working on expanding my vocab. 

    This Monday if you already knew, you historians you, was Independence Day for México. Holy cow do they party. There were consistant fireworks going off from Saturday Morning to today and still lighting them up. We had a cultural dance group come and perform the many dances of México. Remember Bryan family, those chinese candies that Dad brings home and probably brought home whenever he got back? Well they have similar things here. I tried one that had the texture of eating pure sugar and the flames that Devils Spit wish it had. I guess when the guy giving them out told me I was brave, he wasn't kidding. Hermaño Tenoco, gave all of in the district mustaches to wear, which we did all day. The grounds and foods crew all took pictures with us. A cool day for sure. 

    Two things that I learned this week is that Preach My Gospel or Predicad Mi Evangelio, is devine and when the church took 7 years to make it, they took good care of us missionaries. That thing is our bread and butter and the second thing is that "Jesus the Christ" is its companion. The truth that is in every word is incredible. I look forward to extra time so that I can whip it out. Talmage knows his stuff. 

   I most certainly got that "other package". It was scrumptious and I shared with the district that is in our casa which has been having a rough go. The Hermañas in their district rip on every person at the end of the day about how bad they are and how they need to shape up. Definitely stressing the guys out. The doughnuts were a nice tension reliever and from everyone at Casa 33, we thank you.
I'm not going to lie I felt homesick this week. Im sure you are all partying now that the guy who lived in your basement is gone. He didn't even pay rent, the nerve. :) I want to let Zach know that it's good to take AP but Music Aesthetics is the way. Im proud of you dude. Its an honor to be apart of this family. Bryan Gang or go home. or something idk we can work on the logistics- Dad any ideas? 

Dad btw, how did you do rice and beans for 2? Im feeling like I need cake or something with a lot of preservatives in it. Then again I can't complain, Costco pizza is tonight. maybe. who knows, they might change their mind and give it to a Monastery or something. Speaking of which I'm trying to get a team together to play against the nearby Catholic church. Should be a good game that will never happen. Some of these guys play like they could go pro. They want some of the glory, see what it tastes like. I say this because Sperry sprained his ankle when a tryhard kicked him down. He´ll be ok by next week-ish but still, come on guys, just because I elbow and bite doesn't mean we need to get rough. 

SundaySunday was a wonderful day. The first part was that I got to bless the sacrament for our zone which was a neat experience. Something that I forgot to share was that in Spanish if you didnt know, its shows more respect to pray as if you're talking to a close friend. Informally I guess you could say, or the Tú Form. I love it. Absolutely love it. The other thing that happpend was this last week our Hermañas have been crazy sick so we decided to ask them if we could give them a blessing. Elder Sperry and I blessed Hermaña Jones, who is from Mesa. Really funny and cool, her and all the hermañas are going to Houston South. Really cool. When I sealed the anointing, I felt the power of God like never before. I dont remember what words I said but I´ll never forget the feeling that was in that room. By then end we were all crying because of the spirit. I felt the air get heavy and just this pure love washed over me. I can´t wait to get out into the field. God truly loves us and hears our prayers. I love this Gospel. I have already changed so much its incredible how the Lord is shaping me to be an instrument in his hands.

Till next Preparation Day,

Elder Bryan.

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