Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chase's first letter from the MTC!

WOW! Where do I start? Well I'll start with the fact that I cant change the keyboard to english so my punctuation is shot. 

The plane ride to Dallas was rough, no one got any real sleep and we were all quite sore, not to mention that in Dallas most of us got McDees, quite honestly the worst move in my career. This one Elder, Elder Schmitt was looking to buy a umbrella while in the airport while we were all exchanging money. I look over to see that hes talking to the cashier about the Book of Mormon, and more importantly, he was alone. I quickly rushed over there to help him out. The guys name was Michael and was the most perfect investigator anyone could ask for. We both wrote our testimonies in the book and he even asked for all of the elders y hermanas to write in it. Unfortunately we were about to get on our flight but it one heck of a wake up call that this is what my life is about now. 

We sorted out the *my companion is in a different room* and now Elder Sperry and I are companions. Which is really amazing. To describe him is to say Hawkeye became mormon and is now my companion. Honestly he is the spitting image of that guy. We get along like two gloves, or another analogy that actually makes sense. Also in our casa is Elder Robinson from Bountiful who has an amazing voice and Elder Frampton, that basketball star from Lone Peak. Such studs. Our room is a runt compared to other rooms in casa 33 but we have an amazing bathroom and everyone always piles into ours for a hymn riff off, crazy story exchanges, or just plain talking. Oh before I forget, Elder Heiner brought 65 ties. Ya I know right? I may or may not have received some. :] 
I absolutely love it here. Everything is so exciting. Just on the bus ride to the CCM was a trip to remember. People were selling this mango square thing all over, on the side of the road, in between cars and anywhere a person could squeeze. All of these crazy colors..its incredible. Can we move here? 

Several times I keep thinking, is this real? am I really here? This is two years!! I still cant get over it. 
I am so grateful that I get to learn spanish in a place where spanish the the primary language. It would have been much harder to function in provo. The church is so smart this way. There really is no faults in the Lords church.

The food is not bad at all and I can{t believe some people complain about it. It makes me more grateful for you guys (my family) and how you raised me to be. On a physical note, the game of choice here is Mexican Cage Futból. Oh my goodness what a rush. We play in a basketball court that has metal soccer goals in it. No rules, 5 on 5 and first goal switches the losing team out for another team. I don{t want to toot my horn but in my first gym time (which is every day for 30 min) I had 2 assists and 1 goal. Guess these people didn{t hear that I was coming. 

Even though the food is wonderful, it can still bite. They say that you only get the runs once while your here and you keep it till you go home...he he he....little nervous. We came at a geat time because the whole CCM just went though a nasty bug that stayed with you for three weeks. Its when I get sick, not if. Personally that make things more fun. Haha I know that terrible but it is what it is.

The rumors are true, on friday we had to teach our first investigator in spanish. Totally mastered spanish by then so it was a breeze. Being serious it is hard. Spanish is such an easy language compared to Korean or French/Taihiatin. (looking at you Ryan love you). and I{m grateful but I get pretty frustrated and Elder Sperry took ap spanish so he spits mad game. Roque our investigator is a member of the church but is a volunteer, since he was converted recently which makes the experience as real as it gets. Roque has two burger shops, one here in Mexico city and one in Cali where his wife and two kids live. The way he speaks (i can understand every word now) reflects an entire people. Their testimonies are so heartfelt and I love them. He is such a rad dude and I hope we get to stay in touch with him after this. 

Sunday was a new experience that I wish will happen often. Elder Sperry, I and two others were asked to administer the Sacrament to the Cooks and other works in the Camedor. (I porbably speeled that rong) Such a sacred moment. and humble. For everyones sacrament, we use normal ish bread that you might have and then we get some water bottles from la Tienda (which is a beautiful place btw, so much goodness and unhealthy food) I have given maybe 5 prayers in spanish in front of people before that and for some reason as I was saying the closing prayer I forgot Spanish. Completely. Not even a bien or a Padre Celestial. I stood there for maybe a solid minute and then I felt the most peace Ive felt since being set apart. Started to cry and then my spanish came back. For me it was multiple things but the biggest is that Heavenly Father loves me (and you, and you, and you..) and hes blessing me and everyone here every day and that I need to recognize that more. This place is a special one, very beautiful, and very busy.

Our District and several others had recieved special permission from Presidente Pratt to have FHE together. Everyone is required to bring some snacks from Tienda (usually chokis, a better version of Chips ahoy) and then we had a blast listening to some slam poetry from some of the people in our districts. I havent felt as happy as I do here. Its going to be hard leaving it. 

Dad I can tell why you look back on your time here as a small child with fondness. 
Well, my time is up so until next Pday

I love you all,

Elder Bryan

>Ps. Im going to try to send some pics, let me know if it works

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