Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Forty years in the wilderness makes one grateful for manna from heaven

This week has been very spiritually uplifting and extremely challenging. Not an hour after I sent my last email to you I started feeling funny and by dinner I was very, very sick. I´m not sure what I had and the doctor didn't care to tell me. Whatever it was, it was vicious. It hurt to sit, walk and lay down. The thing that really got me was this headache that made it hard to focus in class. Since we are going at it from 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. it really was difficult and the medication they gave me didn't work completely. The nice thing was I got to take an hour nap every day which really did good. I don't think Elder Sperry complained either. I spent a lot of time praying and I could feel the prayers from back home. By Saturday night I was feeling better which was good because I really wanted to fast. 

Fast Sunday was one of the best days I've had here. I can kinda relate now to the Israelites who waited forty years to get to the promised land. The whole week was the trial before the beauty. It was especially beautiful not because of the LDS made videos Sunday night (which is such a treat) but because I bore my testimony in Spanish without writing it out before. It wasn't your basic testimony either. I felt Gods hand guiding my every word and I felt really close to Him. He does exist and I can't keep it to myself. 

It turns out that Roque is more than a member, he's also our afternoon teacher. His real name is Hermaño Cayatano. Man I have such studs for teachers. He served his mission in Guadalahara and had an investigator named Roque who does indeed exist. Hñ Cayatano and Tinnoco will now be different investigators each week at the same time. It is incredibly difficult and our first lesson with Miguel (Tinnoco) yesterday was such a bust I cant believe anything good happened. They arent going easy on us and its pushing some to their limits. Especially now since everyone is sick with different things (I promise I didnt do it, no one in our district has what I had). This week will be trying but I am sure we will grow from it.

The food...oh the food. It is very good, then again this is coming from the kid who would eat anything. On fast sunday they served Burgers and Steaks, low class of course, but manna from heaven indeed. I shed a tear or two. I try to stay healthy and eat my salad like you would want me to Mom. Luckily I like salad because last week while I was sick I wasn't allowed to eat anything bread and spicy, which of course is everything but bananas and lettuce. Some of the best meals I heard happened last week and I long to go back to that. but oh well. 

It feels like a Mountain Crest reunion up here. Theres so many and I run into Elder Thomas every day..well till yesterday when he left for the field. Jonas Johnson is here and were planning on getting a picture before he leaves next week. I finaly have become a veteran working on my third week. At the peak there was over a thousand missionaries here and now we are under 800. by October it will be a ghost town. I feel for anyone who has to be here in November. Then again they would get a lot of playing time in Cage Futbol and all the food they want so I envy them actually. Man that'd be cool.  

Its rumored that Elder Holland is going to be visiting soon so were trying not to be excited so that if he actually comes it´ll be sweeter.
Yes its true that I get to call from the Airport before I leave. Im not sure the logistics but when I get my info I´ll be sure to pass it along. Its so good to hear that everyone is doing well. Im positive that Zach is king of Davis by now and Ellie the star of the show. Jake, my man. How is it to be so cool? You must take it with grace Im sure. 

Mom, have you sent the package? if you havent there is a couple of websites where you can go to send it without the tax and all that (I feel like ive said this before, deja vu?) Just look up mexico ccm missionary package or something. They do a good job. 

Speaking of jobs, whats Zachs plans? is he going to TriCity for the fall while the window business slows down? Even if he doesnt I need him to go to Tricity and ask him what tree is all over here at the CCM. It looks like a Zelkova but has the bark of an oak. It grows not straight and look ridiculously cool.

Oh and to answer Dads question about the rain, yes it rains almost every day. On Thursday it rained so hard (pictures to come) that some of the parrots were floating down the street. Quite a sight if you can imagine. I always have a weather gadget on Kaysville when Im in TALL, I remember that it was raining there and I wondered what you were all doing. haha weird stuff. 

I love you all and I think about the sacrifices people made for me, from spending time with me to helping me work on something, you have not gone forgotten. Stay golden 

Elder Bryan.

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