Monday, February 29, 2016

Three muskateers

This week was really cool, I'm super duper excited for this transfer
with Elder Plourde and Elder Benolerao. Elder Benolerao is a really
cool Filipino missionary who was trained in Wickenburg and hails from
The Big Apple. His Spanish is rocking which is nice, it's good to have
three people running around getting things done. We were able to go on
splits every night this week and doing so, covered a lot of ground.

Old man who's been 'enternigating' the church told us this week that
he sent off a letter to Mexico to annul the marriage of his girlfriend
who's been separated from her husband for 32 years. Bout time they
cleared that up! But seriously it shows his sincere desire to get
baptized and hurtle over those tough obstacles. Lessons are a little
difficult since he runs a tienda/store out of his house and everyone
who lives in Oasis West knows it so in ten minutes you can expect to
get interrupted five times for customers.

Along with Efrain our other progressing investigators, Deyanira and
Maria are doing great. Unfortunately they didn't make it to church and
we'll find out tonight why but we had some great lessons where members
came and fellowshipped outside of the lesson! ¡Neat-o!

This Sunday, Elder Cespedes and I gave talks in church just like good
old times in Wickenburg/Wenden. We both talked about the attributes of
Christ but in different ways. He took it in breakdown of the
scriptural events and how Jesus responded while I talked on what it
means to become like a little child (see Mosiah 3:19). I feel like it
helped grow the trust with the ward.

We have been focusing on teaching members how to be missionaries and
the many ways to accomplish that. We set up some family home evenings
with members and in introducing elder Benolerao we played hymns that
helped focus the topic (I love to see the temple o I hope they call me
on a mission) on his Uke and sang all together followed by the
discussion. It's been sweet so far and is helping get the members

Next week is the mission tour with Elder Arnold of the 70. He's asked
us to prepare with a bunch of different documents, scripture passages
and bringing lists of members. I'm stoked for all that's coming.
Easter is on its way!

Elder Bryan

February 23, 2016

Maria Rosales
Of all of our investigators, Maria has emerged as the most progressing
(and still on date for that matter). You can see a difference in her
eyes and it's just awesome I can't explain it. Her only hang up was
not going to church, something always came up. This Sunday after
sacrament meeting, Carmen the recent convert/best missionary ever
motioned for us to come over and talk to her. Behind her was both
Maria and Deyanira who was referred to us by Maria a month ago but
just had surgery so we haven't seen her in forever. Made my week.
Neither of them had shown up since I've been here, éxito!
María is super pumped for her baptismal date on the 19th.

Service Day
Saturday morning was Glendale's 10th annual day of service and our
whole zone participated; each ward was assigned to a project and we
went with our respective wards. Great JustServe find and we
established good relationships with the city as well as the peacocks
that protect the library where Solano was stationed.

English Class
A couple who used to attend the Barrio Solano teach a English class
twice a week and invited us to check it out. Wasn't expecting much but
was surprised to see that ten people were there, most have been coming
for several years-all of them non members. I was praying for an
opportunity like this so elder Plourde and I could better our Spanish
and possibly teach some people, the kind of people who keep
appointments and can travel to a church building. Tonight we have been
asked to present a message for the students and regularly
attend/practice teach with them the English lesson. Super beyond
stoked for that.

People who left for Mexico are still nowhere to be found. There is
rumor that Gloria is coming back Saturday. Who knows, maybe we're
experiencing the winds of change.

Elder Bryan

UPDATE: I just got called by the assistants and it turns out that Elder Plourde and I will be joined by elder Benelero, been out a year who's from New York and is Filipino. I'm so excited. It's going to be crammed but such a fun ride #sleepingonthefloor4life

Elder Bryan

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