Monday, February 1, 2016

Golden Plates

We met with Gloria outside her house Friday morning and had a great
lesson. It was a little weird starting out, "so we want to help you
achieve your goal of getting baptized... how does the 20th sound?" One
thing that threw us off was when she told us that she quit her job so
she could keep going to church and went to another who was offering a
position. However they told her she needed to learn English first. She
told us she was going to be frequently traveling to Mexico to help her 
family sell things so she can stay afloat. We let her know about the 
English classes and told her that the Lord will help her as she does 
all she can to make this work. Promising that made me reflect. Do I 
believe that? If someone told me that would I follow? It's incredible 
to see how believing these humble people are. It strengthens my faith.

La familia Soto
Teaching their family is awesome. The kids ask great questions and
read every night together out of the children Book of Mormon. The best
part was seeing them walk into church. The light we're always looking
for in progressing investigators is found in the Soto family. When
Mikey asked us when he was going to be baptized, it was the icing on
the cake. Now we have Gloria one week and Mikey the following. Getting
people to these lessons so they can see the Atonement at work is our
big focus right now. When members see these guys, they'll only want

Zone Conference
Best zone conference I've had. We focused on the training given from
last week. At one point President called three random people to lead
discussions for each speaker. No better way to keep people focused and
participating then the fear of potentially having to teach the
missionaries in zone conference at a moments notice. I loved it! One
of the take-aways was if we are honest, we can change. Our vision and
culture we want can happen if we start at the individual level. Much
With vehicle inspections, our car got #1 in the zone. Normally this
wouldn't be super cool but they brought back the license plate
holders. "#1 car in zone; the Golden Plates" for the next few
transfers, I get to roll around with that.

Remember in the "Other Side of Heaven", when elder Johnson(?) is
reading the bible in both languages for several days to learn the
language? Well, there's a promise that if you read the Book of Mormon
in your mission language out loud, you'll be fluent. Right now I'm at
good old Jacob 5 chapter and I've seen an immense improvement. It
doesn't take the place of my language study rather an add-on. I think
it's working because I'm showing more effort and the Lord is helping
me retain what I study.

On a random note, I walked out of the shower one morning to find a
refrigerator blocking my view. Since I couldn't get out, it migrated
to the living room and there it has stayed. The breaker in the kitchen
went out or something because everything has been switching on and off
for hours at a time. Until the apartment office can help us
troubleshoot we get the pleasure of having our kitchen scattered
throughout our rooms. We have the toaster in ours :)

It's cloudy but warm, all you need is a light jacket. The work is
incredible. The people are the best.

I love you guys,

Elder Bryan

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