Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts

Worldwide Missionary Meeting

Wednesday morning we met as a zone to watch a two hour broadcast from
the missionary department- the first one in over ten years. The title
was "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" with elders oaks, Bednar,
Anderson, and others giving some incredible talks and discussions.
It's been cool to take their training into practice. Such simple
things but make all the difference. That title really is the basic
form of our purpose. That's it.

Miracle Sunday

Most of our week was days where nothing went right. I was a little
frustrated with myself because I didn't know why things weren't
working like they were supposed to and I didn't know what else I could
do. And then no one showed up to church. I had a really good learning
time as the sacrament was passed around as i went to the scriptures to
get more out of those few minutes without distractions. Enoch, a young
adult in the ward walked up to us when the first speaker got up and
took us to the foyer where Lorena and Elias were sitting. Holy cow
that was awesome. It turns out, their bus broke down so they walked
from 27th and Glendale to 38th and Camelback. Super far away to walk
and then actually making it on time. They both had a great experience
and my day was made. But it didn't end there, during the second hour
in Gospel Principles, elder Miller passed me a note that said a woman
was wanting to speak to us outside. Elder Plourde and I excused
ourselves to meet Gloria, an elderly woman who's been going to church
for ten years, just moved here, changed jobs so she can go to church
on Sunday, and wants us to baptize her.

To top it off, that night we went to Ezekials house, a person on our
potential list, for a first lesson. He got home right as we knocked on
the door and let us know he had forgotten our appointment but still
let us in. Fun lesson in the dark because their electricity got
disconnected recently. The best part was when I asked the son,
Ezekialito what he would ask God about our message if he was in the
room, he answer with things he was grateful for. After rewording the
question several times he asked me, "what kind of things should I ask
him?" I gave a few examples including if what we taught was true. He
immediately burst out, "Well of course it's true!" and his family
nodded in agreement. Elder Plourde and I stared at each other for a
second dumbfounded, picked our jaws up off the ground and testified of
what they testified. They're not sure how they feel about baptism but
they want to learn more. Pretty sweet!

Love you guys!
Elder Bryan

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