Monday, March 14, 2016

New digs for the bike gang

We moved! 
It was pretty exciting getting to move apartments this week. The people at the new place are so kind and every outlet works it's a festivus miracle!

Mission Tour
Elder Arnold of the 70 came and spent the day with us on Wednesday. He had a powerhouse personality, similar to Elder Holland. We started in the gym of a stake center as the leaders of the mission sitting at tables with all of the items Elder Arnold told us to bring, specifically lists of every member in the ward, less active, part member families and unbaptized and over eight. We started to prep by reading the many scriptures and case studies we were asked to read in preparation.  Elder Arnold with briefcase in hand comes briskly walking, almost jogging, into the gym and shouts, "Number 11!" Everyone turned to see him and he repeats as he gets closer, "Everyone read Numbers 11, we have so much to cover today so we need to get running now." 
I felt a little nervous as I read the first verse- "And when the people complained, it displeased the Lord: and the Lord heard it; and his anger was kindled; and the fire of the Lord burnt among them, and consumed them that were in the uttermost parts of the camp." Gulp.
Thankfully, that wasn't the focus of the meeting. 
This was an incredible mission tour, just as good as when Elder Foster and Montoya came back in September. Elder Arnold taught us all of the little things we can and should do to be effective missionaries. He brought a great, 'you get up in that orange tree and pick oranges for your investigators'

Bike Gang
Elder Plourde finally got his bike frame transformed into a functioning bike and Elder Benolerao's bike arrived from his last area so we were able to be on bike much this week. We were able to contact so many people it was soo nice! It's a little interesting I'm sure for the people to see three white shirt and tie guys on bikes actually big enough for us riding down the streets of Phoenix and Glendale. It's my favorite thing though.

On exchanges this week, Elder Young wanted to learn how to tract so after an appointment fell through we got to work getting those doors knocked. After a few doors I had a thought, 'man if there is loud noises coming from any of these apartments someone has got to be behind those doors'. I told Elder Young that we were going to play a game called, "Where's that noise coming from?" All three of the doors we found with big sounds invited us to come back. The coolest was this lady who when asked if she'd be interested in the Easter pagent out in Mesa she replied that she actually was looking for someone who could teach her how to study the bible because she made a New Year's Resolution to learn about different religions. Woah. Needless to say, this week was just great. I love missionary work!!

Elder Bryan

March 7, 2016

Hey everyone!

Not going to lie, this week wasn't super eventful.

We got notified that we were going to be moving into a new apartment
February 29th but they kept moving the move in date because it wasn't
finished yet. Gratefully we get to move tomorrow. Not that I don't
appreciate having the police helicopter spotlighting our complex every
other night but change is good, especially since missionaries have
lived in this specific apartment since 2012. Where we are going is
right next to an elementary so it's a nicer part of town, whoo!

For some reason, when we were supposed to move last week, we didn't
buy many groceries (maybe the reasoning was it'd be too much to carry
to the new apartment I can't remember). When the date got moved back
to tomorrow and most every dinner canceled on us, we realized what a
pickle we were in. We had to resort to whatever we had in our place. I
won't go into too much detail but for the record, "Manwich Sloppy Joe
Mega Mix" is just vinegar, tomato paste, and nastiness. Never again.
Today we corrected ourselves and now we have a stocked fridge yet

Many of the things we did this week was in preparation for the mission
tour Wednesday with Elder Arnold of the 70. He has asked that every
area bring lists of all the members, less active members, part
members, and unbaptized and over eight. When we walked in to the
clerks office and had to instruct the clerk how to 1. Turn on the
computer and 2. Find the church's programs I knew we were in for the
long haul. Picture in your mind that epic moment on "Cloudy with a
Chance of Meatballs" when the Dad is struggling to work the computer
but manages to click the send email at the last second, only for it to
be the wrong email of a cat video. Yeah, that was us.
After a long, long, long month and a half I can proudly say that we
have managed to get those lists. And in perfect timing too. The best
part of the journey that were still on is trying to find where
everyone lives because you can almost guarantee that the address on
the record is outdated. Even the high priest leader's address was
wrong. My testimony that God is a God of order has increased ten fold.

This week we as a trio are planning on going on bike. Elder Plourde
has been building one since day one out of a frame he got at the
mission storage and elder Benolerao got his sick ride brought over
from his old zone. Here we go!

Elder Bryan

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