Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Floods, Mystery Lessons and a hike to Vulture Peak Two weeks worth

July 20th 2015


This week we went to Salome twice, on Monday-Tuesday and Saturday
morning. We helped Saturday a lady who had had her furniture stolen
and hid at a airplane hanger which was recovered by Bro Erekson, that
"enforcer guy". As we were bringing the things inside her husband who
is Native American got really interested and invited us back when we
return from vacation this next week. I've learned that either native
Americans are super nice and wanting to learn or very set in their
traditions. This one, "Chief" as he calls himself, is the first.
Looking forward to seeing him when they come back.


Saturday after we helped a member unload some hay it started to
drizzle. The member told us we had two seconds to get to our truck
before we got drenched. I laughed it off, counted to two out loud and
then heavy rain immediately hit us. I didn't know how serious this
stuff was. One of the washes got blocked so the water ran into a
smaller, less used wash. This caused some crazy flooding. We got stuck
because the road leading up to our house was blocked by this river
that wasn't there before and a small accident before it. Driving in
the snow in Utah did help me know how to maneuver. Water is

The funny thing is that every third Sunday in the branch, they have a
luncheon for the high councilor who comes out after church. I got the
lucky straw and had a very delicious lunch while Elder Vidal got just
sacrament meeting in Wickenburg and then went for 5 hours to help
clean up the mess. And he had the phone which meant I couldn't reach
him (I had the number written down but a Small child ate it) so I had
a really good chat with bro Evans while we waited.


We got a call from a part member lady who had been taking the
discussions for almost 3 years, on and off. She was wanting to see if
she could be baptized the same day as her son. It's pretty cool to get
a baptismal date drop into your lap. It goes to show that the
missionaries aren't the converting power, it's the spirit.

Hope all is well!

Elder Bryan

July 28, 2015

Just got transfer news, Elder Vidal will be leaving Wickenburg. I'm
going to miss my Peruvian buddy, I've learned more Spanish in these 6 weeks
than I thought possible.

This morning before studies we hiked Vulture Peak with Julian, who's
getting ready to finish his mission papers as our guide. Vulture Peak
is the tallest point for miles and you can see it from most of our
area. It's an awesome view and was a great change of exercise. Check
that off my list. Besides that this week was spiritually packed.
Here's what happened...

Mystery Lesson
Last Saturday we had this lesson scheduled after dinner in Congress
with a member family neither of us knew of or who scheduled the
lesson. We went anyway to figure it out and man it was very cool. It's
a retired couple who are taking care of his dad while his health
deteriorates. Dad and son are members but less active. When we arrived
it seemed a little hostile but after we shared a scripture things
worked out. 'Dad' had to be taken to his room as his chest pain kicked
up which made the couple get emotional. The son told us our visit was
inspired because he's been wanting to return to activity but hasn't
had the push to actually make it. We ended up giving him a blessing of
comfort and the sacrament was brought over for him and his dad the
next day. I may never know how that lesson got scheduled, but I'm glad
we were able to be where God needed us.

We continue the fast paced lessons with Cassie. It's weird teaching
someone who's been taught many times over and helps her husband teach
primary. Not complaining though. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and the Laws and Ordinances lessons combined last night in about 10
minutes. Mainly it was, "what do you understand about this?" And then
her response. It also helps when you use 3rd Nephi 27:19-21 as a base
to go from. This gospel is simple enough a child can understand. It
was meant to be that way.

After reading in Preach my Gospel to see what we could do to help Ryan
in his conversion, it came to me that we should sit down and read out
of the Book of Mormon with him. We read 3 Nephi 11 and it was what we
needed. We could see the importance of this book starting to hit him
as we read of Christ's appearance to the Nephites. "Growing up
Christian," he said, "you only get the one side. It's crazy to think
there's this whole side to the story. But I mean, where did He go when
he died?"
Reading with him helped me remember the importance of the Book of
Mormon. It truly is the key.

Have a good week! Do something nice for somebody, once a day.
Elder Bryan

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