Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monsoon season and Happy Fourth of July!

July 6, 2015

Storm cloud rolling forward

Last Monday as we started out at 6 we saw this huge dust storm rolling towards us. And then it hit. Whoo! Monsoon season is here and early which is cool. I had heard Arizona was the 2nd state for lightning, now I see why. Almost every afternoon this week it would get dusty, lightning followed by heavy rain almost to the point of flooding and some more lightning. Most of the time after a few hours it could clear up again and be super hot and everything would dry up. Where am I?

The branch
This Friday after dinner we made the trip out to the Wenden branch, my first time. We had short contacts with members in Aguila, Wenden, Salome, Hope, and almost out to Brenda. Wow, I thought Wickenburg was the wild west. Nah Wickenburg is more like the Disneyland version
built on what once was a western gold mining town but those other places still have that "showdown at 11:45 cuz the ol' clock got stuck at that time" vibe.
Sheffler's Motel
We stayed the night at the Sheffler's Motel, an awesome place owned by the branch president and wife. They're the salt of the earth, hard working people. It's funny how those kind of people can be anywhere, even the middle of nowhere.

The funny thing about the branch is that during the winter time it could almost be a full-fledged ward, the downside is they all leave during the summer. Or die. jk about that last part...kind of. It makes things interesting because some people leave their records here or never bring them. The first counselor, who is also the "enforcer" of Salome, has been going around trying to nab some of these desert dwellers. He's a really funny guy, when you're on his side. I got to see why he's called the enforcer Saturday Morning when we saw him clean throw a man out of shack who wasn't paying his rent. This man is almost 70. I guess that was another important lesson to not go into debt, especially out here.

Right now the branch is 13 people, including me, and the two stake assigned senior couple. Every sunday we trade off going to the branch with Bro. &Sis. Evans and this week was my turn. It was really cool, everyone there really wanted to be there and in the small building you
could feel the same strong spirit that you might get any other big ward. Brother "enforcer" crying through testimonies and all. It was reaffirming to me that the church is the church, wherever
you are. I love the Wenden branch, they live the 'church is a family'.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July full of watermelon and free
of singed fingers.

Elder Bryan

P.S. Hey here's a specific blessing of our family moving around all the time.
Sister Evans was feeling down about being here instead of her home back in Logan where they lived for much of their life. That day she met me and found out I used to live just down the road from both brother Evans home in Nibley (down the road by Bobs) and theirs in Hyrum. She felt that was Gods way of saying everything's alright, I sent you someone from your home. She bore her testimony of that In the branch this Sunday.
Thought you might like that.

Love you Mom!

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