Sunday, July 19, 2015

Elder Vidal discovers pancakes

This week was busy here in dusty Wickenburg. I think I've adjusted to
the place, I felt at home this week instead of just a visitor.
At the beginning of the week a member was telling Elder Vidal about
the different types of food we have in America that he should try. One
of them was pancakes. Tuesday morning we shoveled through our food
supply to find out that we indeed had pancake mix. I taught him how to
get it nice and delicious and we had a great time. Unfortunately of
you teach a mouse how to get cookies, he'll be making a dozen a day.
Elder Vidal does keep a handle on how many pancakes he makes each time
but I think this pancake diet I've unknowingly started isn't good for
my cholesterol... and other big words I don't know the meaning to. I'm
going to find a way to hide 'Aunt Jemima' for a season.

Heather's Baptism

Heather got baptized! After going through a 'finding a team for
Ragnar' like experience with the baptismal program, when it got time
to perform the ordinance it went very smoothly. All of her children
and mom-who I guess lives here in Wickenburg, were able to be there.
Heather was a ball of energy from Thursday when we had dinner with
them to Sunday after she was confirmed. It's such a cool thing to see
the fire in someone that wasn't there before.

Ryan & Stevan

We've been trying to help Ryan and her boyfriend Stevan figure out a
marital situation and on Saturday we sat down to see what they came up
with. Halfway through I asked what it actually would take to marry a
couple (I obviously have zero experience). We figured out the
important things: dress, rings, and a certificate deal-io. It seemed
like this was going to be a long process to get them to the "I do's"
until Ryan instructed Stevan to get something out of a box in the
closet. Lo and behold a marriage certificate, just waiting for some
signatures. Elder Vidal got super excited, "Well, let's do it right
now!" I thought that was a brilliant idea, until I realized I didn't
know what our rules were on elders marrying people. We postponed till
we could figure out the necessary steps.
At church we identified people who could help us out with what we
needed, especially the bishop to get interview them this Wednesday
before he marries them. Now elder Bryan knows rules and procedures on
getting a couple hitched. Just a little learned, every day.

This next week will be zone conferences with the mission president.
I'm looking forward to that, it's always a boost of energy to my

Elder Bryan

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