Thursday, April 30, 2015

Turning Cucumbers into pickles

Hey Famili-o!

This week was a big mountain of fun. Exchanges with the zone leaders
was uplifting this Saturday. Elder Hamilton who's from Burley Idaho is
a soft-spoken spiritual giant that when he talks you can feel he means
it. It's sad that he and a whole bushel of incredible missionaries go
home in the next two transfers.

Elder Nistler and I spoke in Sacrament meeting.
I learned how different a talk can be when its prepared when you use
prayer and study. I used Elder Bednars talk on Cucumbers turning into Pickles and made it personable. I felt the support of the Holy Ghost stronger than usual and couldn't stop smiling when I saw Jimmy sitting in the back. He knows the gospel is true but with the health challenges he's facing, he wants to wait until he's up to "100%" to make that next step.

This Sunday night after we had prayed that we would be able to accomplish our goal of finding the four people for the week we went to
work. With the help of wrong directions from a inactive woman's son we
found a potential investigator as well as Lily, who wasn't the inactive member but agreed to learning more after watching, "He Lives"
from our ipads. Later that night we taught Lisa and her two children who had a outstanding relationship with the elders in Alaska. Caleb,
15,  is so prepared it's super fresco. He's a very intelligent guy who asks questions that are the next point we would cover. At the end he
told us that this was what he was searching for subconsciously.

With that lesson we found all four new investigators and hit 'standards of excellence', a missionary way to gauge progress. We found out this morning that we were one in 6 companion ships that made
it this week which reaffirmed what we had said a few days earlier. We felt like the plans we had put in progress in February was beginning
to really take place and change the current. It's awesome.

Elder Bryan

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