Monday, April 6, 2015

The peace that conference brings. Happy Easter.

Dear family and friends,

General Conference was a very peaceful experience. After telling
everyone we are teaching about it and figuring out how we can get each
one to watch it with a member, it was really nice to actually act on
our plans. For the afternoon session we went to the Cahills,
a part member family, and helped build a mini park for one of the
girls school project. It was awesome to see the dad, glued to the
television, focused on the messages being given. He then invited us to
Easter lunch with most of his extended family who are in similar
situations as their family. It's such a treat to see how grateful
people become to the gospel and the blessings it brings. Every time we
saw him and his family they were visibly happier. So sweet!

With Jimmy and his girlfriend Dionne, things have been up and down for
the last couple of weeks and this week things went really up and then
down. We finally got a short powerful lesson with the He Lives video,
which is such a wonderful tool that we have. Not many people are in a
tight enough schedule that they can't spare 3 minutes. Unfortunately
Jimmy still has a concern with the law of chastity and prioritized
family over God. I learned that the devil is constantly trying to get
us do do wrong, or at least something less then the best things. We'll
give them some time to see how things turn out. He still wants to go
to church but wants to bring the whole family instead of just Destiny,
Dionne's daughter. He has the heart so we're sure he'll turn around.

The Mesa Temple Easter Pagent is a pretty big deal here in the valley.
Just like the temple being a state attraction, the easter pagent is a
local tradition for people of all faiths. It's held on the lawn in
front of the visitors center and is visible from all around since the
stage has parts 3 stories high. Before and after people were allowed
to go in the center and watch the He Lives video and talk to
missionaries. Wonderful door opener.

For last Sunday, in the Spanish branch besides giving my testimony, I
was asked to play the organ as the pianist was leaving after
sacrament. I agreed, but agreed to the hardest possible hymns ever. I
felt blindsided. So did the audience as we suffered together through
each verse. Afterwards when I gave my testimony I briefly talked about
sometimes we are reminded of a weakness we have, sometimes painfully,
but Christ is always there to help. The investigators present
definitely looked more comfortable knowing that this was a perfect
church full of imperfect people. It was also fun to see Brother and
Sister Randall sitting in the chapel and silently laughing with Elder
Nistler and the family Roman. I'm grateful for the awesome companion I
have who can help ease tense situations.

In other news, Elder Nistler and I have fully committed to being
healthy. Which is utterly terrible. The extra running and workout
during lunch isn't too bad but everything Mexican has something to do
with bread, or diabetes, or both. Dad you probably know how hard it is
to say no to soda, especially when that's all there is to drink. We
decided after a very rough week to control what we can and minimize
damage when we can't. Our fridge looks quite green and now it's
getting to the fun part of being healthy where I don't feel tired as
fast and all that.

I love you guys and have confidence that things are moving right along.

Elder Bryan

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