Monday, April 27, 2015

Small Miracles and haircut mishaps

This week was full of small miracles that really help assure us that
we were doing ok.

While we were driving from an appointment in Tonopah we got some texts randomly from Jimmy who we thought had left us flat after a firm talk on the law of chastity and how to recognize how God will help us with our concerns for our family. He told us how even though it was hard and very time consuming to drive from his parents in Peoria to Verrado, he felt close to God and that he was on the right path. We had been worried that we had mistaken a prompting for our own thoughts but that message came at the perfect time for us. We also saw as we were searching for good examples of social media profiles and posts for the Verrado fireside on May 3, a Facebook message from Michael popped up, expressing his desire to meet with us again. It was awesome to see all of these things coming together.

So I am starting to get the hint that I'll never get this haircutting
business down. Last Wednesday when I woke up I felt very upset about how long my hair was getting so I grabbed the clippers and set everything up while elder Nistler showered. Elder buckway came in to the kitchen and offered to cut my hair for me. I assumed (the mistake) that he was familiar with the scissor and gratefully let him go for it. When I saw the first huge clump fall in my lap, I asked for a time
out, grabbed a mirror and realized that he had never touched the
shears before. I thanked him, asked if I could finish it so he could
eat and then finished the deed. When elder Nistler finally saw my
fuzzy head he froze in horror. Turns out elder Nistler used to do his
own hair before we were companions.

We have been teaching the Swann family who are very close to being
baptized with the exception of church attendance. We have a really
good connection with them and their three boys who love Boy Scouts.
When they told us that only the youngest boy would be available to go
to church it was ok but we knew it could be better. As the meeting
started we heard the curtain screen thingy being pulled back with made
the entire congregation go into cardiac arrest since the the Ward had
been split 3 times and was wondered if they would ever be able to even
make it to the curtain- dividing screen-thingy. Sitting in the first
row was the Swanns! It was so cool and we couldn't hide our smiles.

Love everybody and hope you all eat your green veggies!
Elder Bryan

Helping a family clean their pool.

Elder Bryan with companion Elder Nistler and two other missionaries at Spring Training game with their Ward Misison Leader

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April 13

Hey so I had to borrow an iPad cuz mine was left at our apartment. Feel a little goofy and all.

This week we've started to ask people to fast for missionary work and specifically for set lessons so we can take them with us to them. This was something that came to both elder Niatler and I during zone conference this week. It was coo, because our Bishop was on board and told us he was trying to think of something too to help out the work. This area is a super missionary minded area which is so cool.

The biggest thing we realized was that our faith was a little waining. We felt like we were being realistic but after one cool companionship study of Christlike attributes, we came to the conclusion that being realistic is being optimistic.

The other set of elders had an emergency transfer so we picked up elder shepherd while our mission president decided on what would happen and so we for four days were a tripanionship. It was awesome. Even though it took a little more planning we made it work and fairly successful.  It was a sad day when he got his new companion and we had to take our necessary stuff back to our apartment.

I can't believe elder Browning is now home. That's just crazy. Love you cuz!

Elder Bryan

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