Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I heart Arizona

Dear everyone,

This week went by incredibly fast. We had out quarterly interviews with President Griffin and like always, I felt the Holy Ghost testify of this great work we are engaged in as he gave me great words of wisdom and things I can personally work on for this upcoming transfer. Pretty cool stuff. During studies this week I relearned that as humans we easily take the things we are constantly surrounded by-for granted. Sadly sometimes I take the strong influence of the spirit for granted and there were several times this week where I was reminded of the power it can have on a person, the interview was one of them. 

Sunde, (the construction contractor from the south who's friends with the Randalls) is really progressing well. We had a couple of texting lessons and in the second, she accepted to be baptized! The only problem is that she doesn't understand why a testimony of the restoration of the Gospel or the book of mormon is needed but we're pushing past that obstacle. It was really funny when we went over to the Randalls and she asked us if we knew where any good lakes were because she couldn't find the one she wanted to be baptized in. The next plan we have for her and most every other investigator we have is getting them to the Mesa Temple Easter Pagent this week. Unfortunately as missionaries we can only go one time so we've spent most of our brain power figuring out members that can accompany each investigator and getting as many of the Rama to the spanish night.

Tonight we have our monthly Noche de Hogar as a branch and this time (thank goodness) the relief society is in charge. Now the activities will be planned more than 20 minutes in advance :) On top of that we have the spanish night of the Pastorella this saturday and most if not the whole branch is going to be going together. I'm super excited for that and all the investigators that will be attending. 

This last week since we've been getting close to our monthly limit for car miles and also more lessons then we can handle ourselves, have been on splits with members for four days and man it was awesome. The only regret I have was not prepping myself emotionally for the car ride with the rama missionary who is half blind and quite old. Multiple prayers were answered and our lives were spared several times. Next time, I'll let Elder Nistler go with him. It's been so beneficial for my spanish skills as with the splits we separate to our english and spanish appointments and each time I went to the spanish side. I felt confident as we contacted a family from Guadalajara who'd only been here for three months. It's incredible how generally nice the culture is to someone who attempts to speak their language. I couldn't believe how kind and supportive they were as they helped me find the more complicated words I wanted to get across like ash. We have a return appointment for tomorrow so we'll see how they take our message. 

I have enjoyed this last transfer and am excited for the upcoming one. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Bryan

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