Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy C- lucky-ness

This week Edwin was baptized! He really hungered for the truth and went beyond what we would commit him to do. After his baptism he asked us what he should do to prepare to receive the priesthood. Made us so proud of how far he's come. Hermano Roman, who we had never seen since his work schedule is afternoon to night, gave the talk about baptism. He was an amazing speaker and we wish he could be around for more lessons. He spoke from the heart and helped make that experience an amazing one. Nathan Roman who's preparing to serve a mission in the summer, baptised Edwin and did great especially since it was his first time. 

On Sunday when Presidente Tavizon asked us who was going to confirm Edwin, Elder Nistler without hesitation said I was going to which of course made me nervous. Felt a little awkward being in the front confirming him in spanish, the best part was the man holding the microphone kept moving it away from me so I spent a lot of time fishing in the dark trying to find where he was moving. Luckily it doesn't matter than people couldn't hear half of what I said, Edwin was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that's all that matters.

To top it off with the Romans, they were down on the list for dinner Sunday and the whole time we could see how much happier the family was as a whole, they're a family I could hang out with because all of them are full of dry humor and quick wits. Plus they make awesome mexican food.

This last saturday the sisters in our district got a service opportunity with a member out in Tonopah (the place where the cowboys and dudes who like to be by themselves reside) to get their chickens prepared to be ground up for feed. My first time doing the whole process, the hatchet, the plucking, and other preparing goodness.  Of course my chicken cried out "Ouch" when I didn't separate his head properly, what a baby! The next time I get to do that service, I'll have some experience under my belt and maybe I'll use the sharper hatchet as well. The one thing I wanted was to let the member know that I had absolutely no idea was I was doing so I didn't look dumb when I pretended to be a pro. Turned out really well that way! AND.. I didn't pass out because of the blood and guts so I think it's safe to put away that rumor that this guy can't handle it :)

We started teaching the entire Cortes family this week after Antonio (the older boy) started to see a change in his life. The coolest part was when he looked at us after discussing Alma 32 and said, "Its true isn't it." My favorite sentence right there. They as a family decided to come to church but when they saw that they were going to be late, decided not to come. We helped them realize that we don't lock the doors right at 12 and that it's better to be late then not to come. The two boys really want to go to mutual and are excited for each lesson. It's awesome when people tell us the difference they see and are anxious for the next day. 

Happy Birthday Macy! It sounds like things warmed up enough for some outdoor activities which is completely awesome! You guys are the best!

Elder Bryan

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