Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Post Valentines wrap up. Actually, he says nothing about Valentines day, but it sounded like a good title

Hey padres y familia,

This week was really blurred. It's getting tough to remember individual days, I guess that's why we have journals.

First of all...Jimmy came to church! 

Jimmy has had many events going on on Sundays and he's tried to come but something would always come up, many times crazy things like taking his daughter to the hospital. He made the added effort this week and came, suit and all! I was asked before the meeting to play the organ so I didn't see him come in but when I heard him introduce himself to a member my face lit up. I made the first church experience very real when I completely and utterly messed up the intro of the first song, so bad that I almost had to stop-you know the kind, flats not sharps. Luckily I didn't freeze up and run out the chapel like I would have liked to do. I don't think they would have appreciated that.

Rewind a few days, we had gotten a text from Jimmy saying they were canceling our visits because he was spliting from Dionne. We drove over and had a really good lesson with him about how we can't always control our situations and decided to fast together. It was amazing. When we finalized our fast he texted us saying that him and Dionne were talking again and things were looking up. He also said he had invited his brother and sister in law to the lesson we were going to have that night. His brother was a guy who when the missionaries would come over to talk to his wife, would hide away because he was angry but didn't want to find out what exactly they believed in. When we finished the lesson he explained to us how Jimmy had persuaded him to come and felt like everything we taught made sense. The video, "Because of Him" really had an impact and invited us to teach his family. 

The thing that stood out to me the most this week about Jimmy was that we all will have super low days, but as Joseph B. Wirthlin said that "Sunday will come" and the sun will shine again. 

I really want to stay here for as long as I can, I feel like everything is clicking together and with added strength we can shift this area into a thriving location for the spirit to be. It's so close and at times I can see where it can and will be. I'm grateful for you guys. 

Elder Bryan

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