Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Back in the low 80's in lovely and historic Buckeye

This week has been quite enjoyable. It's starting to get warm, the
fans are turning back on, water is being delivered to the houses,
'winter' is over. Back to the low 80's for us here in lovely and
historic Buckeye. I try to internalize these memories for when it's
120 and I'm riding bike in north Phoenix.

This week was transfer week and great news! Elder Nistler and I are
staying here! It's really fun being around him since he's from the
country (Medford Oregon to be exact) so all of the saying he has
cracks me up. The game I play is making up sayings and seeing if he
catches it or not. So far so good, especially when I accidentally make
up real quotes.

there are some houses that are hard to feel the spirit in. Others like
Jimmy's you get a little excited waiting for him to answer the door.
It's very easy to see how the Devil is trying his hardest to stop him
and his family from progressing. Sunday morning as they were getting
ready to go to church for the first time, and really the first time
they've been free and not busy with something they'd been planning for
months, their daughter got sick and they decided to take her to urgent
care. Of course they got her checked out just in time for them to miss
any church service. It's always frustrating when things are out of
your control and even more so when Satan swings a low blow like that.
That night we went over and gave Destiny and Jimmy blessings. Jimmy
has been sick since beginning of November and the doctors still don't
know exactly what it is but by tonight will decide whether to do a
biopsy to get down to the answers. He's just a fire though. I'm
excited for when they can come meaning this Sunday because they have a
strong desire and won't let a canonball wound get in the way.  Yay for

I'm getting better at cooking, no longer do I have that unsettling
feeling that what I made has the potential to kill me :) But in
reality I've improved from lunch meat sandwiches with the occasional
crazy experiment to total experiment/healthy things.

The other day we got to do service in the form of playing "why is the
water bill so high?"  Super fun and I got to use some Nursery skills
again! It's great because in a world of palm trees and cacti I have
felt helpless in the doctoring of plants. Everything looks thirsty.
The family was grateful for both of our yard experience as we dug and
looked important moving dirt around and whatnot.

This week was monumental in the spanish side. I made the personal
commitment not to be so shy and hide in what I already know. During
some of our lessons I was pulling out vocab I had only read before.
Felt wonderful! It's strange how when we actually do all we can we
receive more help.

Hope you have a lovely week!
Elder Bryan

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