Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why is the Eggnog always gone?

You wouldn't believe it, real snowstorm in Arizona! We got a couple inches but still. 
What some people have to do to experience winter.
Ok so that didn't happen, nor will it down in the valley but I imagined it once. sorry everybody.

Christmas is next Thursday which completely blows my mind. Bro Randall said this is one of the mildest Decembers he's seen here. The first half of the week was high 70's and I wasn't the only one not wearing a coat, it was nice to blend in because when it rained Thursday night I was right next to them with my cute sweater (picture up on Hermana Mendoza's facebook btw). I really like Arizona. Maybe it's because I haven't been here in summer yet but I'm sure 120 can't be that bad right?

We had a lesson with Janette Saturday at this "casa de yogurt". Pretty cool place but felt out of place. Even though it said casa on the door didn't make it feel like I was in someone's home. 
Janette is crazy. She knows more about the gospel than any investigator would ever. She took institute this last semester and has read the Book of Mormon and D&C all the way through. In addition to all of that, she's taken the 'lessons' 3ish times. When someone knows the subtitles of your lessons, they should be a member already. To recap, we got her record from elders in the Tempe mission because she goes to church here and will be baptized here. Kinda funny was when we were talking a little about our backgrounds we found out that Janette had looked us up already and knew most of the things we talked about before. She found the blog of my letters home and all. I really hope she sees this :) Hey Janette! 

I think that showed me that we need to take responsibility of what we say and do because everything has weight. I wonder if things would have gone different if I had a really bad mark on myself. Maybe she wouldn't talk to us, we never know when our past will show up.

Thursday we had a "Christmas Conference". three zones got picked up on a bus and we rode down to the Mesa temple to go through the visitor's center to see how it can help us in our missionary work. Also on the agenda was a temple session and a buffet, followed by going back to the temple and seeing the lights. A full day! Unfortunately Elder Anderson and I got sick that morning but didn't feel the full effects till lunch time. It was quite miserable waiting for everyone to do all these awesome things while we felt super gross inside. President Griffin who is the coolest man ever, gave us some money to run down to a Walmart and pick up some medicine while they went to the buffet. Walmart is generally a weird place that makes people feel dizzy but I had no idea what fun it could be under the influence of disease. You can imagine two elders stumbling through a modern day Sahara. If you can't, about that animated Hercules near the end when Herc is swimming in that green pool in the Underworld. I think that's a accurate description of that historical event. On the bright side, President invited us to come back tomorrow with another section of the mission. Yahoo!
I hope everyone is being on their best behavior for little saint nick!

Elder Bryan
A step up from the Ragnar honey bucket

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