Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Last letter!

Well well well, here we are. Here's an update of the week. It was simply good.

Update on Amey
We had a good lesson with Amey and her mom the other night, we had a
really heartfelt conversation about the situation with dad. From what
they told us, Dad gave the green light for the baptism but doesn't
want to be a part of the whole deal. It's sad but at least he gave the
OK. Her baptism is scheduled for the 27th of August and I'm sad I
won't be able to be here.

The older Jalapa girl had her interview after church and passed!
Afterwards though she started crying and all emotional like. We were
all thinking that she didn't want to be baptized but it turns out that
she is stressing hardcore over the program. We learned later that she
doesn't feel like she knows anyone enough to ask them a favor in
giving a talk or baptizing her. That was a first for me. It's also
different because they literally know the entire ward, at least the
active ones. We'll see what happens but as far as we know, it's still
on for Saturday at noon.

Transfer overview
This transfer has easily been the hardest but most satisfying I've had
in the mission. Some of the changes that I've seen in this ward have
been fun. We got four ward missionaries called, put a whole bunch of
solid people on date, and helped get the ward on fire. In the
companionship and apartment I've learned that it's easy to get
complacent and sometimes we just need a push in the right direction. I
feel pretty good about what has happened here.

As far as me, I've been shown my weaknesses and tried to become a
little better every day. This mission has been life changing. Above
everything I've learned, I've come to understand and love the atoning
sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I'm kind of at a loss of words. It still
doesn't feel real and probably won't until after I'm home. I love
Arizona, and everything that's tried to kill me during my stay. The
Lord has been so good to me, blessing me with all of these
experiences, wonderful people I've met, and opportunities to change. I
know the promise in Moroni 10:3-5 can change lives. It's changed mine.

The mission never ends.

See you next week
Elder Bryan

July 25

Fun missionary experience, two weeks ago our washer broke down and the
guy came to fix it but instead just left the washer and dryer to chill
out on the patio. And then forgot about it. We arranged for ways to
wash our close at other elders apartments but they have strict rules
in their place and only have a few hours for the four of them as well.
It's been fun looking for a way to hand wash my clothes in the
meantime. A few minutes ago, the guy came back and got to fixing the
machines. Hallelujah!

This week we had interviews with President Griffin. At the beginning
it was both me and my companion. President grilled him a little with
love on the side and then we had our personals. We basically just
talked about his ranch in Billings and his plans after the mission
because I'll have my exit interview the Saturday or Sunday before I
come back and he wants to save the good stuff for then. He's been an
incredible leader and influence in my life. President Griffin has
taught me priceless lessons and has mentored me throughout my mission.
I will miss that closeness but the cool thing is that he loves to keep
in contact with those that go home.

Sunday night I went on splits with Alejandro, one of the better soccer
players and preparing to go on a mission soon. We had a lesson with a
part member/ less active family. It's a really messed up family
situation that I won't get into detail but the father isn't hip on any
of the family participating in the church or the youngest daughter
Amey, who's turning 9 in a few days, to be baptized. It was a very sad
lesson, but we ended with a kneeling prayer from Amey asking the Lord
to soften the Dad's heart to allow her to take the lessons and be
baptized. It looks really bleak but all we can do it pray, have hope,
and wait. It was touching to see the desire Amey has to follow the
Savior. I asked why she wanted to be baptized so badly and she
responded, "so that all of the bad stuff can go away". I reflected
last night before I fell asleep of how blessed I have been to have
such a good family.

Investigators Update
So far, a lot of lessons had to get moved and yeah. The good thing is
we had a high sacrament attendance of five people. Three on date and
several others who are praying for a date. I'm not sure why all of
these people are coming out of the woodwork with desires to enter in
the covenant of baptism but it's pretty cool. Now, they just need to
happen. To do what we say we'll do is a big challenge. Tonight we plan
on going over the  interview questions with the Jalapas, Sacramento,
and Kalina- the daughter of the young men's president. We'll see where
it goes. Pretty hopeful and excited!

Elder Bryan

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