Monday, August 1, 2016

July round up

Fun missionary experience, two weeks ago our washer broke down and the
guy came to fix it but instead just left the washer and dryer to chill
out on the patio. And then forgot about it. We arranged for ways to
wash our close at other elders apartments but they have strict rules
in their place and only have a few hours for the four of them as well.
It's been fun looking for a way to hand wash my clothes in the
meantime. A few minutes ago, the guy came back and got to fixing the
machines. Hallelujah!

This week we had interviews with President Griffin. At the beginning
it was both me and my companion. President grilled him a little with
love on the side and then we had our personals. We basically just
talked about his ranch in Billings and his plans after the mission
because I'll have my exit interview the Saturday or Sunday before I
come back and he wants to save the good stuff for then. He's been an
incredible leader and influence in my life. President Griffin has
taught me priceless lessons and has mentored me throughout my mission.
I will miss that closeness but the cool thing is that he loves to keep
in contact with those that go home.

Sunday night I went on splits with Alejandro, one of the better soccer
players and preparing to go on a mission soon. We had a lesson with a
part member/ less active family. It's a really messed up family
situation that I won't get into detail but the father isn't hip on any
of the family participating in the church or the youngest daughter
Amey, who's turning 9 in a few days, to be baptized. It was a very sad
lesson, but we ended with a kneeling prayer from Amey asking the Lord
to soften the Dad's heart to allow her to take the lessons and be
baptized. It looks really bleak but all we can do it pray, have hope,
and wait. It was touching to see the desire Amey has to follow the
Savior. I asked why she wanted to be baptized so badly and she
responded, "so that all of the bad stuff can go away". I reflected
last night before I fell asleep of how blessed I have been to have
such a good family.

Investigators Update
So far, a lot of lessons had to get moved and yeah. The good thing is
we had a high sacrament attendance of five people. Three on date and
several others who are praying for a date. I'm not sure why all of
these people are coming out of the woodwork with desires to enter in
the covenant of baptism but it's pretty cool. Now, they just need to
happen. To do what we say we'll do is a big challenge. Tonight we plan
on going over the  interview questions with the Jalapas, Sacramento,
and Kalina- the daughter of the young men's president. We'll see where
it goes. Pretty hopeful and excited!

Elder Bryan


Los Jalapa
We had a lesson with the bishops wife, her daughters and Hermana
Jalapa and one of her daughters Clariza. At the end of the lesson, we
invited Clariza to be baptized between Aug and September. She chose
the last day we offered and that was that, no big deal haha. A few
days later we had dinner with the Jalapas when the older sister came
in we updated her on the lesson with Clariza that she missed. She
proudly updated us that she's living the word of wisdom so *wabam* put
her on date for the 13 of August. Supper pumped but it poses a weird
thing with having two baptismal dates and Jose isn't been around
whenever we're their. It's probably because he fell off a ladder
recently. Who knows. Kind of selfish but I'd love to see the whole
family baptized before I leave but I have to check myself at the door,
it's not about me.

Every thursday night at the stake center baseball field a whole bunch
of guys get together to play some mean futbol. All from over the
valley good. We got permission to start going, with the purpose to
teach all of the investigators that attend. Pretty incredible time, I
felt great in both my spanish and the foot skills. The ward flipped
out when we showed up and keep talking about how we'll be showing up
more often. I think it's gotten people's minds off of trying to
matchmaker for me. *phew*

A former investigator came back from the abyss that investigators go
to. It was super sweet because he works out in Aguila, a small farming
town that I covered in Wickenburg. I got to talk to him about that, he
was surprised that a white boy like me had ever been to Aguila.
"That's what they all said when I was there" I thought.
He put him back on date but boy was it a funny struggle. We'd ask him
if the 20th of August would be a baptismal date he would like to work
for but he kept asking if we'd want some icecream. The member joined
in trying to explain what we asked, him asking if we wanted ice cream.
This went on for a little bit, going in circles- baptism and icecream.
Finally I paused the game. That's not what I asked, I said. He was a
little confused but we ended up with ice cream and he ended up with a
date. Not exactly sure but I guess he was trying to be polite before
we discussed it.

Sunday was a little hectic.
Our ward mission leader hinted to us on Friday that we were getting a
new elders quorum presidency. The second and third hour people were
getting pulled out for interviews left and right. The stake presidency
came in and Hermano Neftali a 25 year old convert was made the new
elders quorum president. He's such a stallion.

Great week all in overall.

Elder Bryan

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