Monday, December 7, 2015

He's going to be an angel

Wenden Baptism
Last week Tristan's baptism was postponed because his entire family
got sick but this Sunday they came through and he was baptized. It was
a sweet experience and as they started, Sister Bohlen handed us a note
saying that Kizzy, an investigator that wasn't super hip on what we
were teaching, had stood up in fast and testimony meeting to let
everyone know she wanted to be baptized as well. People congratulated
us for the success in the baptism and Kizzy but the real success to me
was helping inactive members come back when we were told it would be
impossible. That's what helped Tristan and Kizzy, we didn't get to
them till after the returning members invited them.

I went on exchanges with the elders in our apartment and it was sweet!
It was my first time being a missionary on bike and not a better time
or place then winter in Phoenix. It was pretty sweet racing down small
alleys and contacting every person we saw. The cool thing is Elder
Clough and I are going to be on bike most of the time now so I don't
have to wait for exchanges.

We decided to support the ward choir and join in on their Christmas
program. After some good practices working to get in tune Hermana
Correrá gave out speaking/acting parts. For some reason I got
volunteered to be the angel, probably because I'm the whitest out of
the 5 elders now in the ward. Somehow news has spread and now I'm the
Angel missionary. As a stake the missionaries have been asked to make
a musical fireside and we're hoping to get our little choir up to
performance level and maybe invite some other great missionaries like
elder Sperry (MTC companion). Things are happening!

I have the wonderful problem of not being able to remember all the
investigators we have because of the number of them. We had a good
lesson with Alma who's not feeling ready to be baptized because she's
not good enough. Even Marcelina who's also on date walked over from
her apartment and helped Alma feel confident in herself. I understand
better how much easier it is for humble people to accept the word than
those who are blessed with worldly things. I'm almost shocked how fast
people accept the gospel. While I was with elder Jones on exchange, we
met Ted who has nothing right now and is living with a recent convert
for the time being. Ted was cool, super open partially because the
world hasn't done anything for him so maybe God is the answer. He told
us he felt that our message was true and was looking forward to seeing
us again. Ted-like people aren't too rare here which I love.

The Christmas season is arguably the best time to be a missionary.
Have a happy, warm week!

Elder Bryan

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