Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas and more

It was really cool seeing the family, definitely best call to date. No
big technical problems or nothing, whoo!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were both non proselyting days which
oddly enough make the week seem really long. Christmas was spent at
the institute building playing pool and ping pong with the whole zone.
So much fun.

Today we find out if elder Dwigans will have to get surgery on his
elbow. He fractured it falling off of his bike last Wednesday and has
been laid up till now. Both him and Elder Dawson were getting a little
cabin fever so I took elder Dawson out for a mini exchange Saturday so
he could do missionary work again. That day was the best contacting
day ever as we got over 300 contacts and destroyed our goal of 1500
people. #ZoneTempleTrip

Something I read yesterday from President Monson really stuck me,
thought I'd share it:

"Remember that ofttimes the wisdom of God appears as foolishness to
men, but the greatest single lesson we can learn in mortality is that
when God speaks and a man obeys, that man will always be right.  May
we ever follow the Prince of Peace, who literally showed the way for
us to follow, for doing so we will survive these turbulent times. His
Devine plan can save us from the dangers that surround us."

I love the simplicity yet profoundness of his messages. I hope I'm
teaching simply and to the needs of our investigators. It's such a
neat experience to see the gospel change lives.

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and will enjoy the New Years celebration!

Elder Bryan

Bryan and Clough at Mesa temple

They asked Chase to help because he could reach the top!

Marcelina's baptism

As a zone, we have been focusing on contacting every person we see and
giving them a card for the new Christmas iniative, #ASaviorIsBorn. It
has been so much fun, I feel more like a missionary when I'm
purposefully trying to help every living soul come closer to Christ.
We've also found several new investigators and a handful of inactive
members who now are thinking of coming back. Wahoo!

I went on exchanges in a bike area this Wednesday. Up front, my bike
is more rust than actual bike parts but it was a gift from a leaving
missionary so I'll ride till it dies. That being said, the poor
missionary I took the place of, his bike was something else. Some
missionary along the road tried wiring a gps to a step counter to make
it work and as I was biking all these wires broke and got tangled up
in the tires. Imagine me in a small taped up bike with a children's
helmet, fumbling along the sketchy roads under the freeway. And I got
some sweet, unexpected air as well. Good learning experience and funny
memories. But I'll stick with my bike.

We had to move the baptismal dates for Alma and Maria because they had
to cancel on some lessons. However Marcelina is still on date for this
Saturday and we're super pumped. President Juchau came for church and
to give her an interview. He's a really close friend now and I can't
wait to see him and the mission President, president Griffin this
Friday for our Christmas Conference. Marcelina asked Elder Clough to
baptize her which naturally has made him ecstatic. All in all, moral
is at an all time high.

On exchanges Wednesday Elder Clough found this guy named Ezekial who
seemed interested so Friday we went to his address to set up a lesson.
We also had several potentials and wanted to contact people so we
parked really far away and walked to the house. As we got closer I
noticed this tricked out muscle car driving slow as it passed us. When
we got to the door, the cholo car flipped around and parked out of our
view on the side of the house. Four teenagers hopped out and started
for us. "Sweet, I've never been mugged before" I thought but it turned
out really good. I guess Ezekial is this troubled kid who's running
around with a rougher crowd and he's not the only one who wants God in
his life but the leader of his little pack as well. We had a awesome
chat and they invited us back for this weekend. Stoked to see where
this goes.

In other news, we met with the Bishop to see what his plans are and
now we're developing some good trust in the ward as well as getting
some good homemade restaurant-style pizza.

Can't wait to talk to y'all in a week!

Elder Bryan

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