Monday, October 26, 2015

I shivered once, its officially fall.

October 26, 2015

Tracey and the fence
On our last lesson we ask her what we could do to help her out. Be
prepared for the person to give you something to do when asking that.
:) she lives out in Morristown, super spread out cowboy country and
needed a fence built for a new horse pen. Elder Cespedes and I now
know how to build a solid fence so in case someone needs one. She
greatly appreciated our help and I think we've broken through the ice.
She knows now that we really do care because our actions backed up our
words. She might even have more projects for us to help out with!

The Wenden Miracle
On Friday we had our long awaited movie night-The Cokeville Miracle-
at the branch building. The two senior couple missionaries set the
event up and together we propaganda-ed for a month trying to get
people to come. Well when it was all said and done, 37 people showed
up! It was simply awesome. The Dominski family all came, of which the
youngest son will be baptized here pretty soon. It was really funny,
when something started to go wrong in the movie, half of the crowd
would loudly say something, "Oh that's a bad man", "I can't believe
it!" "Where are the police?". This happened throughout the entire
movie, either because they were old or others very young or just were
used to speaking to the tv because it's Salome and there isn't many
people around I'm not sure. All I know I had a hard time not laughing.
Also, no clue the Sister Conger was a part of that event. That was
neat! Also also, congrats to Dan Harvey for being the best 'high
schooler praying in a gym' ever!

Going out to Wenden on Friday night was the highlight because a lot of
our plans fell through this week. But there was this cool thing that

Gas Station
After we had many lessons cancel one evening I felt that we needed to
go to the gas station. We filled up on gas and then I felt like we
needed to go inside and see if there was something we needed inside.
I'm sure Elder Cespedes thought I was plain weird because that's how I
felt about myself. We milled around for a bit, and then I felt like it
was time to leave. So not buying anything we walk out and bump into
this rougher crowd going into the station. They looked at us all
startled like and then told us they needed us to help them. Yay! They
took us to their car where an leathery old man was in pain. He asked
if we could give him a blessing which we of course said yes to. One of
the ladies suggested we put him on top of the car right there but
there was a few bars right next door and the atmosphere wasn't
friendly. We decided to take him to the church where we gave the
blessing. The family was traveling from Twin Falls to Tempe and are
working on getting active again. Super cool to have been a part of
their process back. It reminded me that I need to be ready always
because I never know when I'll need to use it.

Red, our favorite crazy, has gone cold turkey and working on getting
his girlfriend down in Surprise to meet us and take the lessons. He
was also at church which was sweet! Many members welcomed him in which
was huge.

Happy Halloween y'all!!!
Elder Bryan

October 20, 2015

Right now it's drizzling, this week it's been on and off which has
been a nice change. This desert needs a few drops every now and then.
When there's an option to wear my rain jacket I have to take advantage
of it. Elder Cespedes got to see some real flash flooding which was a
lot of fun. Driving during a flash flood in a dirt road is quite an

We found out today that Elder Cespedes and I are going to be staying
here together. We're both super excited! This transfer is going to be
straight fun and I'm looking forward to these next 6 weeks.

On Sunday I sat down outside of the bishops office as I waited for
Elder Cespedes to return from Wenden, I looked over and saw a biker
older man with a fedora on, he starred at me all weird, laughed loudly
and then introduced himself as Red. He's a less active who wants to
come back and lives on our street which is awesome.

We decided on Thursday to call up every member in Morristown that we
didn't recognize. It was a long list and everyone who answered were
having bad hair days or something. No luck. Till the very last name,
Tracey. She just had gotten back from Alberta a week earlier on a
friends ranch and was happy we called. We stopped by later that night
as well as yesterday with Brother Busby who you wouldn't even know he
hadn't been in the church for 23 years. Tracey is inactive but wants
to return, the thing that had held her back was a divorce, her fiancée
passing away, and many legal and health problems that followed. She's
the toughest lady I've personally ever met. I wouldn't be surprised if
she ate nails for breakfast....without milk (Arthur reference). We
promised to help her build a horse fence this week and testified of
eternal marriages. She felt the spirit and was glad that someone took
the time to visit her. I think sometimes we all just need someone who
can sit and listen. That sometimes seems very insignificant to me but
I see it help immensely so it must be important.

In other news, Niyierma came to church again and this time brought her
granddaughter. This is twice in a row and shows us that something has
changed between a year ago and now. We're not sure what exactly is
keeping her from being baptized but we're going to figure out where to
go from here. She's keeping every commitment now which is some real
We also had a zone conference on Friday with the mission president.
The focus was on service and what we can do to get our areas from
phase one: the missionaries do all the work to phase two: the
missionaries with some help to phase three: the members do missionary
work and the missionaries help. President griffin let us know that the
key to doing this is by serving the people and letting them know we're
serious about it. In our area we set up a weekly service project out
at Robson's Mining World to help unearth antiques in the barn and
categorizing them- a huge task since the barn alone has more things
then the actual Wickenburg western museum.

My ponderizing scripture for the week is Mathew 11:28-30. What's yours?
Elder Bryan

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