Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy Fall

Brandon's funeral was Saturday. The service was a very positive and
uplifting service. His older sister had returned from a mission in
Nauvoo and a brother was married just a few weeks ago. People could
have focused on the negatives but instead saw it as a blessing to have
the whole family and enjoy the time together. The bishop gave a good
talk on how Brandon IS and how the plan of Salvation fits into our own
lives. He also let us know his personal opinion that he felt it was
only a tragic accident and nothing more. Brandon was to be called as a
ward missionary this Sunday, I look up to his young example, he really
is an astounding missionary. I'm grateful for these opportunities to
work with people like Brandon.

The man who works at the car dealership, and we ran into at Brandon's
family's place, spoke at Brandon's funeral. He didn't know Brandon very
well but said that because of him he wants to join the church. David
goes to mission prep class down in Surprise where he acts as an
investigator (which he is) to help the people preparing for their
mission teach the lessons. It's cool to have someone so pumped about
what we do. He told us in a text, "if I didn't have a wife and kids,
I'd move in with you guys and you could teach me every night." I feel
really good because we have been pressured to confront him and start
teaching him but I wanted it to be natural and not odd like how I've
seen some people go about the whole thing. Our prayers were answered
and David doesn't think we're fruitcakes. Trying to go at the speed
that is needed and not just my way is a challenge but when I listen to
the spirit and obey, it feels so good. You'd think I'd be perfect at
following those promptings but I'm still working on that.

Church attendance
This was a good week for people going to church. Niyierma surprised me
as I was setting up the translating equipment. This was something
we've had a hard time helping her do so we're stoked. Kissy, wife of
Rogelio, showed up to church out in Wenden. She told us she'd have
every other Sunday off but decided to try to make it every week and
wants us to teach her and help answer some of her doubts. It's awesome
to see Rogelio being a good example (new convert of a year) and coming
again as well. Heather was there, nice and early, super excited to be
there. It's really cool to see new converts feel the joy of keeping
the commandments. Makes me rethink how I view the Gospel. Is the
gospel still wonderful to you?

Overall this week has been insane. Fast and fun and exhausting. I
never want to drive again, at least without some Efy music or
conference talks. But I love this area too much to want to do anything

Enjoy fall,
Elder Bryan

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