Monday, June 8, 2015

Pretend ice cream that's really marshmallows is nasty

Hey gang!

This week was zone meeting and Quarterly interviews with President Griffin. I love interviews, that one on one time is pretty cool. 

I can't believe its June. Time really has flown. Elders Brown and Perkes from when I first got here go home this next week. Elder Perkes has been in Buckeye for a year and two months minus a week where he got transferred and emergency transferred back to the other side of Buckeye. Its a weird thing when missionaries that you've spent a lot of time with go home. It reminds me of how short these two years are. I don't want to waste a minute. I love being a missionary! It's such a testimony that this church is God's. Who in their right mind would ask the youth to teach the gospel to adults? I can tell that the words are coming from the holy ghost. I'm simply not capable to do everything we do as missionaries, but with the help from God we can do what needs to be done. 

The work is going great here in the branch and the ward. I sent a picture of Elder Smith and I on top of a mountain or in Utah terms, a hill, with the ward mission plan "#PrayInvite" that we posted on the ward facebook page. I don't know why I keep getting these missionary letters complaining about having an ipad. I think they're awesome, we're more effective in reaching out to our members with this extra tool and of course if the leaders of the church didn't think it'd be a good idea then we wouldn't have them. One of the older single member of our ward expressed her gratitude for all of the posts that the members have been taking with our signs because she now gets to know the families of the ward better. 

It's been very rewarding to see the change in people's lives that have happened in my time here. The branch is focusing on reactivating families and so far we're three for three, one of the three just got sealed in the temple and the son is going to Villahermosa, Mexico this Wednesday for his mission.

I don't remember where all dad served in El Salvador but I keep meeting people from there these past few weeks. This sunday we went to a new move in spanish members dinner with half of the branch. Papusas(?) are sooo good. The family, Paredes, agreed to teach us how to make them. Yay!

I had a thought come to me a few days ago as I was studying the scriptures. Sometimes I thought that missionaries were these supermen and women who could do anything. What I've realized is that I am still me, I can't cut hair,  but I do the simple "primary answers"-pray with intent, study the scriptures, go to church, and be a good boy. Living the gospel isn't hard, life is hard. I enjoy helping people find the light they've been searching for-even the members who forget. 

Elder Bryan

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