Monday, January 12, 2015

Taylor and Janette got baptized!

This week was easily the fastest and busiest week I've had. Interesting how they went together.

Finalizing the programs for both Taylor and Janette was crazy but it all worked out perfectly. We really wanted as many youth participating in Taylor's baptism so he can get a wider influence from the ward. 

On top of this we've been visiting as many members as we can so we can increase our member relationships as well as get more new referrals instead of knocking on the same doors over and over again. It actually was quite effective. We only tried to visit one prospective house but we still got two new investigators, one we're going to try to put on date this week. The ward told us that if we baptize him we'd be famous in the ward. He's the guy who everybody thought he was a member and gave a calling as assistant scoutmaster when they found out he wasn't. 

The morning of the baptisms I woke up with pink eye which made the day really funny. Everybody thought I was super emotional just blubbering away in the back playing the hymns, being the witness, taking pictures. Could anyone actually be that distraughtly happy in tears for back to back baptisms? Thankfully my acting skills kicked in and the other eye shed a few tears so I could balance it out a little. 

The saddest moment was finding out the guy who gave an amazing talk on baptism was only 14. I guess we'll have to have lessons at their house so we can get him to participate. 

I've been so fortunate to have taught Taylor from his first lesson. Seeing the whole process has been awesome. When we came out of the water he was just beaming. I understand why inviting people who are investigating the church to a baptism is a wonderful idea. The spirit dropped into the room so fast when Taylor bore his testimony. 

With both Taylor and Janette, they haven't had it super easy. Their families support them joining the church but don't want to be a part  so that only Janette's mom came and left as soon as it was over. It must be hard to feel like you are alone. I'm so grateful for our ward and branch who are welcoming them into the family. 

Sunday Elder Nistler and I shared a "this week was exhausting" look. It was hard but so much fun. I love it out here. 

                                  Elder Bryan, Taylor, David, (Rockin fellowshipped) Elder Nistler
Elder Nistler, Janette and Myself

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