Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One year down!

This week marks the completion of my first year as a missionary. I
feel like I just went on a roller coaster, got back in line and now
going back up the track for another round. This time I'm comfortable
and not about to lose my lunch.

I had been feeling the need to focus almost exclusively on the Spanish
side of the work here. I wasn't sure about this feeling until Sunday
when 14 Spanish members showed up at church, a difference from our
usual 3. We're making plans to bring back the branch which was
disbanded last year when the numbers dwindled down to nil. Regular
weekly visits to all of the members who have left, continue teaching
the Landeros familia and referrals we received from the members who
can speak Spanish, as well as soccer out in Aguila. We're pumped!

Wenden branch
This week has been a lot of scheduling, planning, and setting up
things for this next week. One of the coolest things that happened was
getting a call from the new couple missionary's that assigned from the
stake for the branch. He told us how he wants to drive out and go
searching for people to teach. This guy is really energetic. I guess
he's a convert of a few decades and has had the real desire to share
what he got with everyone. We think it's the energy we need at the
branch, especially since he's not a missionary. This week is looking
very promising. The work moves forward!

Elder Bryan

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