Monday, August 24, 2015

Roads to Eternal Families, hospitals and bike races

August 24, 2015

We went to the hospital many times this week. We gave a blessing to
a Spanish member who ended up there and  went on  Monday
after getting a call from the Relief Society president that Warren had
passed away. I had immensely enjoyed teaching him and helping him out.
In what world is a 19 year old supposed to be the comforter to an
elderly lady who's husband went to the other side just 30 minutes
earlier? Even though I felt incredibly inadequate and myself grieving,
I received the words to say that calmed both of us. This gospel is
true. Warren was so excited to join the church, he had called all of
his family to let them know the date. I'm going to miss that guy. But
death isn't the end.

Bike race
In Aguila we were walking one night and this big group of kids came up
to us on their bikes. Lately we've had no one out there, everyone
thinks I'm the Feds. So when these kids challenged the only white guy
in 70 square, I had to accept. Out of a plethora of youth, yours truly
took third. Now even though I was twice the height of most of them, I
consider it a feat not to be in dead last. The desired result was
achieved, Elder Bryan is NOT the Feds, everyone is safe, and we've been
invited to play street soccer with the community. Success!

We were playing basketball today with other elders in Surprise. Here's
a picture of me and the smallest elder in the mission.

Elder Bryan

August 17, 2015

This week was a lot of driving on the road, next won't be as much
which I'm looking forward to. 2hour drives aren't my favorite any


Kasi and her son were baptized Saturday which was super neat. Kasi had
been attending for a long time before calling us up letting us know
she wanted to be baptized. A few elders who taught her got to be there
for the ceremony which was cool, got to see Elder Nistler a few days
before he goes home-this afternoon. I've had really good companions.
The cool thing is, when the O'Briens get sealed next year, elder
nistler, Cespedes, and I will be there. Looking forward to these
future events!

He promised to come to the baptism but when he never showed up but
instead getting many missed calls from him, we decided to check up on
him. Turns out he spent the day in the hospital. His wife suggested a
blessing which we were more than glad to give. Afterwards we suggested
that if the doctors tell him to do something he should do it instead
of going home. He's a funny guy who really loves when we come over.

Book of Mormon Challenge
When I first came here to Wickenburg back in June I found out that the
youth was doing a Book of Mormon challenge to read it during the
summer. I decided to join in so I could push myself while keeping to a
schedule. I finished Saturday morning and man, such a powerful book.
It makes our task easy to do when the proof is in the pudding. It's
true, but don't take my word for it.

Elder Bryan

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