Monday, November 10, 2014

Live from good old Buckye, it's Elder Bryan!

Before I start, I want to acknowledge Aunt Addie and just want to say
sorry for not replying to your comment, but the Phelps are super
awesome and I'm glad I finally have a connection with people.

This week really flew by. I think I'm really adjusted to this world of
continual change. I don't fear talking to people in a language I
really don't know. I've accepted failure and now I can really learn.

       If this week has taught me anything it is that every calling in the
church is tied to missionary work and vital to the ward/branch. I have
an added respect for the Relief Society and the RS presidents I get to
work with. They're the best. A ward can be extremely successful in
being a support to its members and the community when all of the
auxiliaries function together. Us missionaries should really serve as
a tool for the ward to utilize. That's the vision I have for Rio Vista
and Verrado.

       This week we really started working the added area we received from
the hermanas. It was a little overwhelming when that call came that
they had reassigned those people to us in the area book, hearing about
the surprise lesson we would have the next day, the problems with all
the people we were now about to contact and all of that. It can be a
little much to know so many people's problems. At the same time I
wished that the ward would let us be in ward council meeting so we
could help out more since no one really comes to ward coordination and
we could resolve concerns and let everyone be on the same page instead
of the Bishop getting phone calls all week. That's almost as
frustrating as Spanish. Spanish is only difficult because I feel like
I should be progressing more than I am. I hope I don't come off like
I'm a spoiled rotten kid or something because I truly am grateful for
the wonderful gift of tongues that I have received. I haven't learned
something so hard in such a short time before. Without that blessing,
I'd still be at "the red parrot is very beautiful' and 'What do people
call you?'"

        Taylor (the 16yr old who's dating a member of Verrado) is still on
date for the 22nd. The lesson we had last thursday was really neat.
While we were teaching tithing and fast offerings, he finished the
paragraph in the pamphlet and looked at me and commented that, "I love
this church. Shouldn't everybody know about how they can be happier?"
Dagnabit it I wanted to cry. Just how fast people have accepted the
gospel can blow my mind but at the same time, the truth makes sense so
why not? Really strengthened my testimony that its so true. Yes,
everyone does need to hear about this wonderful message!

         we had Zone conference, Dad you were so right about being
super pumped after it. President Griffin is the man! It was like a
mini general conference with awards for clean cars given at halftime.
I saw Elder Romney (again, he's probably sick of me) and Elder
Aryudabi that I met in the mission home. We were only around each
other for 24 hours and we're already best friends. Well best friends
if you consider that I don't know how to spell his name right. I also
want Mom to know that I got the flu shot just for you. My arm is still
a limp noodle jk. Wow, did I really just type jk?

        After having an exchange a week since I've been out here, I've really
grown to appreciate Elder Anderson. He works hard and we get along
like a cat and yarn or a Chihuahua and my ankles if you think of it
like my ankles enjoy being chewed.. ok nevermind that doesn't work.
Mom please edit that one or something. We play off each other rather
nicely and I appreciate his driving skills. Some people weren't
blessed with his handling, I might have whiplash after the last

        Oh if anyone wants to watch the Phoenix Arizona Temple Cultural
Celebration you can stream it from or if you live in Arizona
they are broadcasting it locally. I really hope we get called as the
group to help clean the temple and prepare it for services the
following Tuesday.

        We weren't able to have lessons with anyone of our progressing
investigators (besides Taylor) but we did get four new investigators.
One is a family and their grandma, the Ambrocios, who have a problem
with commitment. I guess they've had a plethora of missionaries visit
but they don't want to change. We're trying to change that mentality
though. The other is Betty the cat lady! It's hard having lessons with
her because her mentally challenged son is sent outside to our lesson
by the husband so we can't get anything done. He's a sweet kid though,
just energetic. Its actually really amusing to see these cats creep to
the front porch from all points of the compound/ranch deal,
completely dark except for this dingy hanging bulb, and watch him
kick them back off. I'm waiting for los gatos to just gang up on him
and rush the door.

        In closing I just want to thank everyone who reads this. Most likely
you've contributed something to me. I can't express just how much
that means to me. Whenever I get down, when things aren't working out,
I think about how many people are praying for me. Wow. Truly this work
is worth it. Something I ask myself constantly is, "was it ever easy
for Him?" What better thing when times are tough than to read about Jesus's
life and read of how he was treated by people. He died for me. He died
for you. I'm so grateful to be here in Buckeye to let people know that
there is a plan for us and it's full of happiness.

Do something nice for someone else today :)

Elder Bryan

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